About Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer has over 18 years experience in the Fashion, Photographic and Creative industries. Delivering beautiful and stylised Creative Direction, Art Direction and Set Design. Laura's previous experience in fashion buying adds a commercial understanding to her inspiring creative vision.

When I was a little girl I would build a Lego house just so I could decorate it with those little Lego flowers. Then as a pre-teen I chose my new bicycle based on the fact that it came with a detachable handbag on the back. By the time I was a teenager I had taken to rearranging all the furniture, pictures and ornaments in my bedroom once a week. Fast forward a few years to university and I remember covering all the walls in our living room for a birthday party to create a graffiti room, complete with paints and pens for my guests to get creative.

I should have known that I would grow up to be a Creative Director shouldn’t I? But before I figured that out, I studied languages at university and went on to become a successful Fashion Buyer. After a while I realised that there were more wardrobes to move and toy houses to build. So here I am, a Creative Director & Art Director, designing shoots, events and spaces, consulting brands and individuals, just hoping that Lego will one day call and ask me to style a little house for them...